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  • 2 hours
  • From 750 Cayman Islands dollars
  • Dragon Bay

Service Description

KITESURFING COURSE In this 6hs course you will go from learn to rig the equipment all the way to start riding your board. In the first 2hs you will learn to prepare the material, know and evaluate the beach area where you can practice and learn to use the kite by controlling the flight area. You will perform a series of fun exercises to assimilate and handle the kite correctly. You will also learn to use all security systems. The second 2 hours of the kitesurfing course you will start assembling and flying the kite independently and you will enter the water to practice body drag, which is the dragging and sliding of the body through the traction of the kite. During the last 2 hours of the kitesurfing course, you will practice the water start, which is the exit in the water with the board. Through a few simple steps, you start to get up on the board and slide on the water WHAT YOU LEARN IN THIS 6 HOURS • Wind theory and beach suitability • How to use security systems • Know and understand the wind window, where the kite generates the traction • Self-rescue theory • Assembling and disassembling the kite • Handling and controlling the kite from land in a fun and safe way • Launch and land the kite with an assistant • Control the kite with one hand in both directions • Self-rescue simulation Slide in the water with the kite (body drag) • Know the water safety zone • Fly the kite in the power zone • Lifting the kite from the water • Control the kite with one hand in the water • Going and coming back to shore independently with the kite • Go and return independently with kite and board in hand • Put your feet in the straps (bindings) holding the kite with one hand • Practice self-rescue • Keep feet in the straps (bindings) of the board practicing water start • Start with the board (water start) • Practice water start in both directions • Navigate in both directions • Know the navigation priority • Learn to retrieve the table • Move the kite quickly • Get speed on the board Any questions, email us at or give us a call/whatsapp +1 345 9229614 UP TO 2 PERSONS PER COACH TOTAL PRICE IN CI$

Contact Details

  • Dragon Bay, Cayman Islands

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