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  • 2 hours
  • From 730 Cayman Islands dollars
  • Dragon Bay

Service Description

WINGFOILING COURSE In this 6hs course you will go from learn to rig the equipment all the way to start riding your board. The initial phase of the wingfoil course we will teach participants the fundamental concepts of wingfoil. Students will be introduced to the basics of wind theory and its influence on wingfoil, understanding the proper selection and assembly of wingfoil equipment. Second 2 Hours - WINGFOIL COURSE – Fly The course will focus on developing proficiency in controlling the wing while in the water, understanding the power zone, and mastering effective navigation techniques. Participants will also practice handling the foilboard and lifting it from the water behind the rib, along with basic self-rescue exercises. Third 2 Hours - WINGFOIL COURSE - FOILING BASICS: In this segment, participants will be introduced to the art of foiling. They will learn the essential techniques for initiating a foil ride, maintaining balance, and coordinating movements to control speed and direction. The course will cover navigation in different directions, and understanding navigation priorities. WHAT YOU LEARN IN THIS 6 HOURS: • Wind theory and its impact on wingfoil • Equipment selection and assembly • First steps whit a sup board • Self-rescue techniques • Basics of wing control from land • Handling the foilboard in the water • Navigation exercises with the wing • Lifting the foilboard from the water • Basic self-rescue with the wing and foilboard • Foiling initiation techniques • Maintaining balance and control during foiling • Navigating in different directions • Understanding navigation priorities Any questions, email us at or give us a call/whatsapp +1 345 9229614 UP TO 2 PERSONS PER COACH TOTAL PRICE IN CI$

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  • Dragon Bay, Cayman Islands

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